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“There are fundamental flaws with how the Australian electricity markets operate today.”

James Doyle

James Doyle,

Managing Director of Solar Bay


Solar via a PPA or Outright
Solar Bay believe solar is one of the best solutions for reducing your current electricity spend, reduce reliance on the grid, hedge against future energy price increases and sometimes, reduce your usage under the ‘demand charges’ threshold.
Power Factor Correction
By understanding what your current power factor is, we will make recommendations for solutions that will further reduce your energy expenditure.
Thermal & Battery Storage
By understanding your specific requirements, we tailor solutions to your business and your operations. If specific circumstances occur that means battery storage has a great ROI for your business, then we will recommend it, and if your business needs a large amount of heating and cooling, we will offer thermal solutions to maximise the solar array.
Demand Management
If there is an opportunity to utilise demand management in the way you operate your business, then it will be a significant benefit to your bottom line. We can not only maximise the sale value of any exports from the solar generation, but also partner with retailers that will trim their energy prices in return.

Who we are and

what do we do?

“We’re working hard to create solutions to maximise 100% of the available roof space on commercial and industrial customers. We see it such a waste to only use 10% of the available roof space because of the lack of incentive for exports”

Cameron Quin,

National Business Director

How do we do it

and why?


Solar Bay believes that safety is the absolute number one priority. At all times, we expect all of our staff and contractors to behave in the safest manner possible, following all Worksafe guidelines. It is important to us that you get home to your friends and family safe and sound.

Open & transparent.
Solar Bay believes that open and transparent communication creates an extremely efficient and effective work culture where we get things done quicker, easier and more cost effective than our competitors. At all times we want a line of communication with no misinterpretation and the ability to openly question individuals ideas in a thoughtful way. This extends to being open to receiving compliments as well as constructive criticism, otherwise, how will anyone progress?

Mutual Growth
Solar Bay believe the only way we can succeed our vision is to grow with those around us. All activities and projects has to provide mutual value to all companies and individuals involved by incentives or absolute learnings.

Quality Focus
Solar Bay believes the only way to go in the future is to provide the best quality to our clients and our partners. The only way we can perform to the highest level on a consistent basis is to follow our Solar Auditing System and perform routine checks on all systems installed. With over half of our installs being our long-term asset, quality insurance is incredibly important to the longevity of any working relationship.

Solar Bay believes that discipline will be the cornerstone to quality and safety. Making sure not only systems are followed but corners are not cut, even in times of urgency. The discipline of continued learning to install, procure, engineer, analyse and trade better will lift Solar Bay and all those around Solar Bay to new heights.

Conscious Contribution
Solar Bay believes that contributing to your surrounding community is an extremely important part of running a socially responsible business. We believe that contributing in a conscious manner gives us the humility to perform to the highest standard on a day-to-day basis.

We see a better utilisation of all energy resources, including the transmission lines, through embedded networks, micro-grids and peer-to-peer energy trading.



James Doyle

Managing Director

James Doyle founded Sigma Energy a company specialising in Energy Consulting within NSW, he has previously worked as an analysts at ANZ and has comprehensive knowledge on the Australian electricity markets. He holds a Master of Commerce from The University of Sydney, a Bachelor of Commerce from Otago University, and is becoming accredited to design grid connected Solar Systems by the Clean Energy Council.


Cameron Quin

National Business Director

Cameron Quin founded, grew and sold two online companies from 2012-2014 whilst playing a key role in doubling the total profitability of two other brick and mortar businesses during the same periods. While lecturing at AIM University, Cameron has mentored over 400 business owners within the highest regarded private business education company in Australia with extremely positive results. Cameron has extensive experience in the systemisation, automation and scaling of business operations.


Andrew Archibald


Andrew Archibald co-founded and grew Australia’s fastest growing agency Social Garden in 2011. Finalist of Victorian Young Entrepreneur Awards and Deloitte’s Technology 2016 Fast 50, Deloitte Fast 500 2016, BRW Fast Starters 2015. Members of The Property Council of Australia and The Urban Development institute of Australia. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Otago University.

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