9th October 17 Cameron Quin

Why Robotic Dairy Farms Have the Perfect Consumption for Solar Power

Cows are normally milked twice per day, in the early morning and the evening. However, this creates a limitation for commercial solar power in the dairy industry: plant consumption is high at times of the day when solar energy production is low or zero, and in turn solar energy generation is high when the dairy plant is using little power.One option
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13th September 17 Cameron Quin

How to Minimise Capacity Charges in the Dairy Industry

The dairy industry is characterised by having plenty of cooling and heating loads, which can represent a significant portion of energy expenses. Fossil fuels are often used for heating to avoid the expensive electricity rates of Australia, but the power network is often the only option for cooling equipment. In addition, dairy plants are normally subject
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2nd June 17 Cameron Quin

The responsibility is now on the rest of the world

What a crazy and volatile world we are living in, both in terms of climate change and politics. In a world where fact is indeed stranger than fiction, a TV reality star has become the President of the United States, the most powerful person on earth. Donald Trump’s latest, and possibly most destructive bombshell yet was his decision to abandon the
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