Solar Power in NSW
22nd September 17 Cameron Quin

Why 160,000 kWh is a Key Number in New South Wales

If you are a small energy consumer, monthly power bills are calculated based on total energy consumption. However, when yearly consumption exceeds 160,000 kilowatt-hours, utility companies start billing a capacity charge, which has the following characteristics:It is billed based on the highest 30 minute period of energy usage over a rolling 12
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Dairy Farmers
13th September 17 Cameron Quin

How to Minimise Capacity Charges in the Dairy Industry

The dairy industry is characterised by having plenty of cooling and heating loads, which can represent a significant portion of energy expenses. Fossil fuels are often used for heating to avoid the expensive electricity rates of Australia, but the power network is often the only option for cooling equipment. In addition, dairy plants are normally subject
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Manufacturing Industry
4th September 17 Cameron Quin

How to Minimise Capacity Charges in the Manufacturing Industry

The power bills of manufacturing facilities are very different from those charged to homes and small businesses. While small energy users are only billed based on energy consumption, large clients such as manufacturing plants are billed for both energy consumption and capacity; their utility company measures the kilowatt-hours consumed during the month,
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solar ppa
30th June 17 Cameron Quin

How Australia will catch up to the US with the PPA deployment of Solar PPA’s

The United States are leading the charge in companies investing in solar power purchase agreements (SPPAs). Australia has some big work to do if we want to meet our national commitment to a reduction in emissions. While we do have a way to go, there are a lot of Australian businesses who have been getting on board and making a commitment to the environment
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Solar Energy Tips
29th June 17 James Doyle

What is an energy certificate and how can it help my business?

Are you looking to get on board with solar for your business? That’s great news - because that’s the direction that Aussie businesses are heading with innovation and new developments leading the way. Sure, solar power is still somewhat expensive as an investment - but there are a range of government-based incentives in place to make solar power
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solar ppa
28th June 17 Cameron Quin

Why Australia’s businesses are opting in for Solar PPA’s

Solar power purchase agreements are a key part of Australia’s growing landscape of solar energy. We are seeing more and more companies investing in solar power through power purchase agreements with savvy business owners looking to lower their overall energy expenses and freeing up their capital to spend elsewhere in their business. Solar power purchase
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solar panels Sydney
26th June 17 James Doyle

Sydney Meets Its Renewable Energy Targets Through Power Purchase Agreements

The City of Sydney has set itself some big, achievable and exciting targets when it comes to the reduction of greenhouse gases and emissions. In fact, the current targets is a reduction of greenhouses gases across the city to 70% below that of what they were in 2006. A target that Sydney is striving to achieve is getting 30% of energy from renewable
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Commercial Solar Sydney
24th June 17 Cameron Quin

Commercial and industrial buildings, the new energy white knight

In Australia we have a huge number of industrial and commercial buildings across our nation, all with huge flat roof surfaces. Where once this was dead space with no use, now thanks to the advent of the solar industry these commercial buildings have the potential to transform the way in which we as a nation access energy. Simply by rolling out solar
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Commercial Solar Sydney
22nd June 17 Cameron Quin

Will Australia’s big corporates step their game up in renewables?

While Australian homeowners are doing their bit to make a positive contribution to the environment with solar panel installation, it still seems like the big corporates are dragging their heels as far as making a real commitment to solar goes. In Australia we are facing a big challenge: we must make good on our commitment to the Paris Agreement and
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Commercial Solar Melbourne
20th June 17 James Doyle

How Power Purchase Agreements Are Helping Australia Meet Its Renewable Energy Targets

Australia has some big work to do in the way of catching up with the rest of the world in reaching its solar power and renewable energy commitments. According to the Clean Energy Council, Australia’s commitment to renewables is growing, but we still have a ways to go in reaching our targets. While we generated 17,500 GWh in 2016, our renewable energy
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