30th December 17 Cameron Quin

Are batteries right for me?

Are Batteries Right for Me? Smart batteries for homes and businesses are receiving plenty of media attention lately, especially after December 2017, when the world’s largest battery started operating in South Australia. Batteries also promise to be an excellent complement for commercial solar power, since they have a similar modular design and scale
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23rd October 17 Cameron Quin

The Australian Military are Deploying Solar Power and Energy Storage

Modern defence technology depends on electricity, so it makes sense to power it with the most reliable generation system available. The Department of Defence is upgrading its bases in West Australia with photovoltaic systems, to benefit from the local abundance of sunshine. It is also important to note that the Department of Defence is the top energy
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10th August 17 James Doyle

What is the Duck Curve and How Does It Relate to Solar Power?

The duck curve is a mathematical concept used to explain a key challenge faced by utility companies when solar power is adopted at a fast rate, which has been the case in some regions of Australia. As we have previously discussed, solar photovoltaic systems are an example of a variable renewable energy (VRE) source, which means their output cannot be
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