24th December 17 Cameron Quin

Tesla Delivers the World’s Largest Battery One Month Ahead of Schedule

Elon Musk made the headlines in the energy industry earlier this year, proposing a solution for the power supply crisis in South Australia, make the world’s largest battery. Tens of thousands of homes were being affected by blackouts due to lack of dispatchable generation capacity, and Elon Musk made a bold offer: Tesla would deliver a 100-MW and
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10th August 17 Cameron Quin

What the World’s Biggest Battery Will Do to the South Australian Energy Market

South Australia decommissioned their last two coal power plants in 2015 and 2016, representing a significant step towards decarbonisation of their power grid. Natural gas and wind power are now the main energy sources at the utility scale, and rooftop solar power has also grown at an impressive rate: around 25% of South Australian homes now have a photovoltaic
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