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19th May 17 Cameron Quin

How To Determine If Your Company Should Be Investing In Solar Power

Thinking of investing in solar and not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge? We have a simple test for you. Ok, think of your power bill. Would you like that to be lower? If you answered yes, then you’re ready for commercial solar power. We know that the initial outlay of investing in solar can be a bit of a put-off for some business owners,
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save power
15th May 17 James Doyle

5 Ways To Save On Your Power Bill

As a business owner you’re always going to be looking for new ways to make savings so that you can keep growing and expanding your business. But as the price of energy rises steadily, the power bills is one of those things where it’s seemingly impossible to make a difference. But while the prices will keep on climbing, you can take some steps right
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benefits of solar power
13th May 17 James Doyle

The Benefits Of Solar Power

Australia is one of the sunniest countries in the world and is certainly in a great position as far as solar power goes. So what’s the best thing for your business to do if you’re looking to invest in commercial solar power? Large-scale solar is certainly going places, with Australia putting in a quiet record-breaking year in terms of solar construction,
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Commercial Solar Power Sydney
10th April 17 Cameron Quin

4 Reasons Your Company Should Invest In Solar Power

There is an ever-increasing focus on the importance of seeking alternatives to coal as an energy source. While we have been told about initiatives such as ‘clean coal’ the fact remains that natural energy is clearly the way forward. This is particularly relevant in Australia where on average, per square metre, we have the highest solar radiation
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