Industrial Business Park Solar and Embedded Network Solutions

Solar Bay design, supply, fund, manage and maintain an embedded network and commercial solar solution for developers, funds & body corporates.

Green and brownfield business parks have an incredible opportunity to maximise their roof space whether they are owner occupied or tenanted. Combining an embedded network with a commercial solar system leverages cheap reliable energy from the sun and allows for bulk negotiation of all tenants grid electricity consumption.




Both industrial landlords and tenants can benefit from the combination of a solar systems and embedded network. Landlords benefit through increased building yields via roof rental, and tenants benefit via discounted power.

“The real issue will be next summer

There’s already projections from (the market operator) showing there’s going to be shortfalls. And that’s combined with the problems of gas price increases.”Mark Richards Unit Controller of Hazelwood Power Station


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Solar Bay offers a model in which a gross lease can be paid to the landlord on a lease of 10 years. The average rental can vary from $5-$25 per sqm and allows the landlord to increase building yield. The lease operates under a license model, the same way in which a telco lease operates. We install upgrades to metering for a brownfield or new equipment for greenfield sites and bulk negotiate the energy consumption of all tenants. The solar than decreases the cost of input which can be passed onto tenants and landlords.


What is a power purchase



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