Solar Bay provides solar solutions to four key industries

Solar Bay specialises in four industries for Commercial Solar System Installation

As the energy consumption profile for each industry and business is different, the solar systems will be customised to ensure maximum efficiency is achieved on every install. Depending on the site location, our experienced Commercial Solar Sydney team may locate solar panels on a businesses rooftop, ground mounted them, or utilise solar car shades. Full consultation will occur to address site concerns and to minimise disruption to the operation of the business during construction.


Whether producing wine or operating a dairy farm there are electricity costs associated with running an agricultural operation. Luckily these businesses have plenty of space that a ground mounted Commercial solar system can be installed.


Manufacturing is typically an energy intensive industry, it also great for solar as a significant proportion of this energy consumption occurs during the day. Most manufacturing sites also have significant roof space available to capture the suns energy. We provide solar solutions for both manufacturers who own the building they operate from, and also sites that are leased.

Cold Storage

Cold storage facilities typically have a constant load requirement to operate the refrigeration compressors. They also have significant roof space available to place solar panels. The result is a significant reduction in the daytime energy consumption, this is usually the most expensive electricity being peak and shoulder.


Mirco-grids that incorporate solar provide significant benefits to both energy users and the building owner. We specialise in micro-grids and embedded networks that incorporate solar, and use a range of technologies to provide lower cost electricity than a traditional retailer can provide.

How will solar benefit your business?

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