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Are you in the sweet spot?

If your energy consumption is between 160 & 250MW there is the potential to significantly reduce your energy expense by taking you under the 160MW threshold for capacity charges. At Solar Bay we specialise in funding the installation of solar and selling electricity back. As a result we may be able to take you off a demand tariff without having to spend a cent. 

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Money Saving

This solar thing is a no brainer for most people, get in touch and we’re happy to explain the process and see if solar is right for you.

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Capital Expenditure or Power Purchase Agreement?

At Solar Bay we specialise in solar solutions for businesses that operate in rural areas. These solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the customer and generally look to provide the following benefits; reduced electricity expense, improved energy reliability, increased energy independence. 

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Power You Can Depend On

Under a Power Purchase Agreement model we sell the electricity the solar system produces. As a result you always know a high quality system has been installed as it’s our responsibility to make sure it’s producing the energy we sell.

This solar thing is a no brainer, so let us help you save money from day 1, guaranteed or the first beer’s on us.

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