Multi-dwelling Residential Solar Solutions

The age for the energy shift is now, residential new builds and developments provide the owner with the opportunity to take advantage of a growing industry with strong commercial returns. Solar Bay works with developers with innovative energy solutions.

Multi-dwelling residential developments have the ability to save costs for both the tenants and the communal area power bills. Solar Bay installs embedded networks combined with commercial solar systems and in some cases batteries to benefit all stakeholders. We work together to produce the lowest cost of power for the tenants.

“The real issue will be next summer

There’s already projections from (the market operator) showing there’s going to be shortfalls. And that’s combined with the problems of gas price increases.” – Mark Richards Unit Controller of Hazelwood Power Station


Capital expenditure or power

purchase agreement?

At Solar Bay we specialise in solar solutions for businesses that operate in rural areas. These solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the customer and generally look to provide the following benefits; reduced electricity expense, improved energy reliability, increased energy independence.



What is a power purchase



Community Solar

A single commercial solar system, or multiple smaller system on each dwelling can be installed to supply the entire development with discounted electricity. The site is wired so solar power is provided to where it is being used, and is ready for battery storage when commercially feasible.


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