Investment Fund

We pass on the value rooftop solar produces to the landlord and tenant in the form of a roof rental and discounted energy savings.

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The part we're playing in the transition?



Commercial solar

Solar Bay offers commercial solar via the Solar as a Service model, where we pay for the infrastructure, and the client simply buys electricity. We remotely monitor, maintain and make upgrade recommendations in perpetuity.



Network tariff assessment & power factor correction

We're big on analytics, so when sizing up a commercial solar system we'll also consider the potential for manipulating your network tariffs. During this process we also see if power factor correction or improved energy brokering may help with total energy expenditure.



Thermal & battery storage

At present batteries are typically too expensive for most commercial solar systems. However if they aren't feasible now we're ready to upgrade all our solar systems when they become commercially viable. If a business operation requires significant heating or cooling then a thermal storage solutions will also be considered.



Demand response

Often demand management can be implemented with minimal impact to your business. The financial benefits can be significant and bonus payments are typically made as demand response helps stabilise the grid, especially during heat waves.

About Us

We are a renewable energy fund with focus on commercial solar growth. Our model is funding, building and maintaining commercial solar systems throughout Australia and delivering value back to end energy users and building owners.

Solar Bay was founded in 2017 by two budding energy enthusiasts to tackle the problem of renewable energy financing. Today Solar Bay owns and manages some of the largest rooftop solar systems in Australia. We work with installers, landlords, tenants and owner occupiers to deliver a solution to match energy users needs, whilst providing a solution that requires no capex from our customers.

Models we operate

Commercial Retail Centres & Roof Rental

Solar Bay will work with landlords, tenants and end users to provide three key pillars of value.
1. Roof rental to Landlords at a p/sqm rate
2. Discounted power to tenants over a fixed term
3. Clean renewable energy and increase building ratings

Power Purchase Agreements

Solar Bay is backed by a strong desire to provide Australian businesses with low cost of power electricity, this allows us to deliver our customers with a compelling power purchase agreement over a period of 10,15, or 20+ years to suit their needs. We work with the client to match their power usage to a business case that works for all parties.

Embedded Networks

Solar Bay, funds, manages and maintains all facits of an embedded network this allows us to competitively offer all tenants and energy users within a space energy rates that are bulk soured and take advantage of a stronger consumer buying power.

What are our values?



Solar Bay believes that safety is the absolute number one priority. At all times, we expect all of our staff and contractors to adhere to the highest safety standards. It is important to us that you get home to your friends and family safe and sound.



Solar Bay believes that open and transparent communication creates an extremely efficient and effective work culture. At all times we strive for a clear line of communication with all stakeholders, and the ability to openly question all ideas in a thoughtful way.


Mutual growth

Solar Bay sees tremendous growth in the Australian decentralised renewable energy industry over the next decade. For any business to succeed in the industry requires all parties in the value chain to succeed. We therefore strive to grow with all parties we interact with.



Solar Bay sets the bar high, especially for quality. All infrastructure we install we treat as our own, as a result we have a limited range of brands we will use and have strict install standards. A Solar Auditing System is in place and regular routine checks are made, remote monitoring is also installed at all sites, to ensure energy solutions are performing as expected.



Solar Bay believes that discipline is the cornerstone to quality and safety. This involves ensuring systems are followed and corners are not cut, especially in times of urgency. We will never jeopardise the longevity of equipment or relationships, for the sake of short term gain.


Beyond CSR

As it stands the world is unsustainable, especially from an emissions standpoint. This is a long term fix. "A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in." - Greek Proverb

Fund Managers


James Doyle

James Doyle founded Sigma Energy a company specialising in Energy Consulting within NSW, he has previously worked as an analysts at ANZ and has comprehensive knowledge on the Australian electricity markets. He holds a Master of Commerce from The University of Sydney, a Bachelor of Commerce from Otago University, and is becoming accredited to design grid connected Solar Systems by the Clean Energy Council.

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Andrew Archibald

Andrew Archibald co-founded and grew Australia’s fastest growing agency Social Garden in 2011. Finalist of Victorian Young Entrepreneur Awards and Deloitte’s Technology 2016 Fast 50, Deloitte Fast 500 2016, BRW Fast Starters 2015. Members of The Property Council of Australia and The Urban Development institute of Australia. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Otago University.

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  • Download our free guide to
    power purchase agreements 7 things you must know when dealing with PPA

  • Download our free guide to
    power purchase agreements 7 things you must know when dealing with PPA