Roof Rental

What is solar

roof rental?

Roof rental is a basic way to make money out of your buildings rooftop through solar energy. Property owners lease their roof space to a developer who installs the solar energy system and shares the income and benefits with the owner. All initial and ongoing costs, maintenance and operation are owned by the developer for the term of the agreement. Tenants then purchase the electricity produced at their normal grid electricity rates. Many commercial, industrial and retail buildings can provide the real estate needed for these systems, and are subsequently viewed as potentially profitable candidates for roof rental.


Save money

Through reducing your electricity bills. Solar Bay sells you the electricity generated from the solar system guaranteeing a lower rate than the grid for the term of the agreement.

Avoiding carbon taxes

Solar energy and electricity produced is not subject to the carbon tax.

Reduce Pollution

By using solar energy, you are reducing pollution from coal power generators and also benefit from increased NABER and Green Star ratings.

Generate income

Through the additional rental return of an unused space (your roof).

Zero obligation to purchase

While you are under no obligation to purchase the system at the end of the contract, the opportunity is available allowing you to continue to save on energy bills for the life of the system.

No capital needed

The developer pays for any upfront costs involved with the installation and ongoing maintenance of the system.

Zero Risk

The developer is responsible for any future costs incurred relating to maintenance and advances in technology.


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