Commercial Solar Energy Solutions for Cold Storage Facilities

With a battery ready solar system, you will gain a significant input cost advantage over the market.

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Perfect for solar

“Cold storage centres have the perfect energy consumption profile for solar. The solar system will also insulate the roof to further help reduce total energy consumption.” – James Doyle Managing Director – Solar Bay


Capital expenditure or power purchase agreement?

For state and national cold storage operations who are leasing a large number of locations, it’s difficult to justify investing millions into solar.  Due to lease terms, durations and make-good clauses, a lot of operations can’t benefit from cheaper energy. Solar Bay flips this by working with landlords and tenants towards mutually beneficial outcomes.

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Solar + thermal storage can:

  • 01

    Increase the value of a solar system

    Store solar energy during the day and use it for refrigeration at night.

  • 02

    Increase cost-effectiveness and system longevity

    Renewable generation with thermal storage is low-cost and designed to last for at least 20 years with minimal maintenance.

  • 03

    Lower peak demand charges

    Peak load shedding or shifting on command avoids peak rate times.

  • 04

    Reduce operational risk

    Thermal backup allows customers to maintain safe temperatures and preserve food quality during equipment failure or power outages, reducing food loss and business interruption.

  • 05

    Buffer for the grid

    The grid benefits from this commercial solar Energy Storage solution by providing a “buffer” of on-demand, efficient, and environmentally friendly thermal energy storage at customer sites.

How solar helps insulate your building

The solar panels are absorbing light that would otherwise be heating your building, this means you actually consume less electricity to keep your facility cool.

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    power purchase agreements 7 things you must know when dealing with PPA

  • Download our free guide to
    power purchase agreements 7 things you must know when dealing with PPA