Commercial Solar Solutions for the Manufacturing sector

It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom for the manufacturing sector.

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Are you in the Sweet Spot?

If your energy consumption is between 160MW & 250MW there is the potential to significantly reduce your energy expense by taking you under the 160MW threshold for demand and capacity charges.

So if you’re in this sweet consumption spot, your savings become exponentially greater. We do this by using a combination of solar, storage, generators and power factor correction.

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“The real issue will be next summer

There’s already projections from (the market operator) showing there’s going to be shortfalls. And that’s combined with the problems of gas price increases.” – Mark Richards Unit Controller of Hazelwood Power Station



Capital expenditure or power purchase agreement?

For Agriculture projects, the most common projects are large scale solar infrastructure with high capital investment, which can inhibit some companies due to the capital expenditure required. That’s why we recommend to our client to let us fund the infrastructure, so you save from day one without any capital expenditure. If at any point throughout our relationship, you decide you want to own the full upside of the system, you’re given a simple ‘buy-back’ schedule so you know exactly what you’ll pay for every 12 month period after our contract is signed.

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Why is manufacturing perfect for solar?

Manufacturing plants daily consumption profile generally fits nicely with solar generation. That is high consumption throughout the day hours.


Solar power you can depend on

Our solar solutions are designed to be more reliable, and harvest up to 60% more solar energy per square foot in the first 25 years, so you can grow your business smarter and faster than ever.

The solar thing is a no brainer

So, let us help you save money from day one, guaranteed or the first beer’s on us.

  • Download our free guide to
    power purchase agreements 7 things you must know when dealing with PPA

  • Download our free guide to
    power purchase agreements 7 things you must know when dealing with PPA