100kWp Hartex Engineering Commercial Solar

Client : Hartex Engineering

Tags : commercial solar, industrial

System Size : 60+40kWp PV System across two adjacent buildings

Approximate Yearly Output : 135,000kWh

Hartex Engineering partner with Solar Bay to drive down electricity costs.

Dalton Drive – Maroochydore Overview

Solar Bay develop solar system.

Amalgamate tenant meters with Embedded network services.

Drive down tenants Electricity costs by a minimum of 15%.

No maintenance, management or operational costs.

Planning & Consultation

At the early stages of development, the planning process included understanding the goals of the REIT’s management. A turn-key solution that would decrease the tenants overall energy cost using renewables was the objective. As this was a Greenfield build, there needed to be consultation with the architects and builders to allow appropriate room for all of the equipment.

Engineering & Installation

Future proofing the buildings energy system was one of the main priorities. In doing so, we engineered extra breakers and cabling to allow for expansion and batteries in the future. We liaised with the onsite builders and installed along the construction roadmap.

Paperwork & Administration

When dealing with Embedded Networks and solar systems, it is extremely important to understand the regulations, exemptions, council permits and grid connection approvals needed before and after installation.

Commissioning & Onboarding

Every network has different policies that need to be followed when commissioning a large scale solar system and internal main switchboard. Proper sign-off’s were required before commissioning. There is a strong emphasis on education around why the energy is cheaper on sites that have an embedded network and solar system, so the onboarding process is extremely smooth and transparent.


Safety was taken into consideration from the first site visit. All measures were put in place for OHS, working at heights, toolbox talks, SWMS and electrical safety.

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