Product offering

Solar Bay offers three key renewable products

Power Purchase Agreements

Solar Bay’s core offering are Solar Power Purchase Agreements. These are a long term contract to purchase electricity generated from a rooftop or ground mount solar systems. The systems are installed, funded, operated, and maintained by Solar Bay for contract periods up to between 5-30 years.

The longer the contract period the lower the contracted price for the electricity. The systems are installed at the customers site, and off-set regular grid consumption, and may be paired with battery storage.

Rooftop Rental

In the scenario where a building is leased to one or more tenants, a roof rental product can be structure to provide an incentive to the landlord for the solar system to be installed. Shopping Centres, Business Parks, & Industrial Sheds are well suited for this product.

Tenants will receive lower cost electricity while at the site and the building owner will receive a new income stream, and possible improvements on the buildings sustainability ratings.


Solar Bay, fund and build microgrids into a range of buildings to facilitate the rollout of complementary technology to commercial solar system. The mircogrid typically incorporate battery storage, demand management, and electric vehicle charging stations. As further technology is developed this can be incorporated into the site with relative ease as there is a single connection point into the grid.


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