Camperdown Kids Commercial Solar

Camperdown Kids partner with Solar Bay to drive down electricity costs.


Camperdown Kids


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Solar Bay Solar as a Service, funded solar system.


Two solar systems sized for each consumption totalling 24.75kW of Commercial Solar.

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Saving a total of 33% from a yearly spend of $22,203, from $0 capex spend.

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No maintenance or management costs.

The Challenge

To maximise the solar system size, Solar Bay had to analyse what the cost vs benefit was to combining the meters vs keeping them seperate. We came to the conclusion it was best for the customer to keep them seperate and maximise a better network tariff while maximising the solar system self-consumption to export ratio.

Production - Daily

Production - Daily




SMA 10&15kW Tripower Inverters


Trina Honey 275watt panels

Project Goals

Significantly reduce the electricity cost by installing a battery ready commercial solar system with minimal business interruptions.


What can we do

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