Drury Dairy Farm

Solar as a Service has helped halve Drury Farm's electricity bill with a 40kW system.


Drury Farm Dairy Solar


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Solar as a Service, corrected & optimised tariffs & energy contracts has halved their bill.


No up front out of pocket capex expenditure.


$7,000 refund from retailer.


Overcame rural challenges for infrastructure projects.

The Challenge

Increasing costs and incorrect network charges were the two biggest challenges for Drury Farm. Also, being near the end of the network, voltage issues and brown outs also posed as a problems.

Production - Daily




Two SMA 15kW Inverters


Trina 275 Watt Panels

Project Goals

The main priority was to fend off increasing electricity bills for the autonomous milking shed.

'Like a lot of people in the industry, we saw a significant increase in energy costs in a short period of time. The team at Solar Bay have been instrumental in helping us control this. They identified an incorrect tariff which resulted in a direct refund and a yearly saving of $7,000 and installed a solar system under their Solar as a Service model, which will result in a further saving of $11,000

- Adrian Drury, Owner,
Drury Robotic Dairy Farm


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