McHugh Engineering Commercial Solar

McHugh Engineering and Solar Bay partner to drive down electricity expenditure with a Commercial Solar Solution.


Mchugh Engineering Solar


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99kW PV Commercal Solar System installed to reduce reliance on the grid.


Average yearly electricity spend was $20,800

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Expected new yearly spend close to zero, after revenue from electricity exported.

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Future proofing the business and ready for battery install when commercially feasible.

The Challenge

Energy reliability and reducing cost was Les Mchugh’s two goals for looking into solar. With the cost of energy increasing, it makes operating a manufacturing company more difficult within Australian borders. Les trusted Solar Bay to provide the best energy solution. A 303 panel, eight tonne commercial solar system was installed, and a backup diesel generator was explored.

Production - Daily




Fronius Inverters


Trina 330 watt panels


Grid Protection Unit

Project Goals

Significantly reduce the electricity cost by installing a battery ready commercial solar system with minimal business interruptions.




  • 01

    Site Visit

    During the initial site visit Solar Bay collects information on the existing electricity contracts, roof weight bearing and generation capacity, buildings electricity consumption profile, and most importantly the client goals.

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    As only an accumulation meter was installed Solar Bay installed a temporary energy meter that recorded energy usage every 30 seconds. Data analysis showed that the business had a energy consumption profile well suited for solar. As the client goal was to increase energy independence the system was sized up the maximum eligible for the upfront subsidy, 99kW. As the system will export significant amount of energy an energy plan was selected that maximised revenue, at a future date a battery system will be connected to store this energy, resulting in a highly energy independent business.

  • 03

    Grid Connection Application

    With a sub-station located directly behind the Main Switch Board the grid application process was straight forward.

  • 04

    Structural Engineering Certificate

    A structural assessment was completed and the results allowed for flexible panel placement, the north facing roof was selected to maximise generation.

  • 05

    System Design

    Three Fronius 27kW inverters were each wired with 33kW of solar modules, the Switchboard location allowed for a straightforward wiring run and install.

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    Safety was taken into consideration from the first site visit. All measures were put in place for OHS, working at heights and electrical safety.

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    After identifying the location for the inverters and cabling, the team worked for two weeks to install the system.

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    A detailed handover and instruction manual was provided to McHugh Engineering to ensure all of their questions could be answered.


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