Torino Commercial Solar

Torino and Solar Bay partner to drive down electricity expenditure with a Commercial Solar Solution.


Torino Commercial Solar



Electricity a major expense for cold storage operators.

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99.9kW maximum size under STC (upfront subsidy).

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Estimated production of 137,000kWh per year.


System lifetime savings apx, $548,000


Creating a competitive advantage for Torino in the cold storage industry.

The Challenge

With the price of electricity increasing and being the highest input into cold storage, Torino was investigating how commercial solar could help.

Production - Daily




Fronius Inverters


Trina 275 watt panels


Grid Protection Unit

Project Goals

Install a commercial solar system to reduce the energy expenditure for Torino Food Services.




  • 01

    Site Visit

    During the initial site visit Solar Bay collects information on the existing electricity contracts, roof weight bearing and generation capacity, buildings electricity consumption profile, and most importantly the client goals.

  • 02


    Torino's biggest goal was to reduce total electricity expense through investing in energy projects with strong ROI's. Solar Bay's analysis showed a 99.9kW system would have the highest ROI, with zero export to the grid.

  • 03

    Grid Connection Application

    As the building was recently constructed full electrical as builts were available, and the grid application for embedded generation was straight forward.

  • 04

    Structural Engineering Certificate

    Solar Bay worked with the original structural engineers to design the panel placement, 99.9kW was located on one wing of the building to allow future solar to be added if deemed commercially feasible.

  • 05

    System Design

    Three Fronius 27.0kW inverters were each wired with 33.3kW of solar modules, the Switchboard location allowed for a straightforward wiring run and install.

  • 06


    Safety was taken into consideration from the first site visit. All measures were put in place for OHS, working at heights and electrical safety.

  • 07


    After identifying the location for the inverters and cabling, the team worked for two weeks to install the system.

  • 08


    A detailed handover and instruction manual was provided to Torino to ensure all of their questions could be answered.


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