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Solar Bay Bolsters Renewable Energy Installation Capabilities with QuadSol Acquisition

16 November 2023

Media Release

Solar Bay, part of Energy Bay, is pleased to announce the acquisition of QuadSol, a leading player in renewable energy solution services. This strategic move marks an advancement in Solar Bay’s commitment to accelerate the transition towards renewable energy in Australia.

QuadSol, with its proven track record in all aspects of solar, Energy Storage installations and Operations and Maintenance capability, complements Solar Bay’s expansive portfolio, enhancing its service offerings and capacity. The acquisition amplifies Solar Bay’s capabilities, ensuring faster, more efficient, and comprehensive delivery of solar installation projects.

Solar Bay, part of Energy Bay, has historically showcased an impressive array of energy infrastructure initiatives across Australia. With its infrastructure portfolio primarily focused on generating and distributing renewable electricity for on-site usage by various stakeholders, this acquisition further solidifies its position in the market.

Through this merger, Solar Bay’s clientele will benefit from a wide array of enhanced capabilities as a result of QuadSol’s pre-existing service offerings:

Consultancy: Solar Bay’s consulting services are now enhanced at all project stages, from conceptualisation to handover. This includes specialised services like connection agreements and construction reviews.

Solar: From design to operation and management of rooftop, ground mount, and carport solar systems, Solar Bay will be able to further cater to our clientele’s needs.

Energy Storage: Clients can benefit from fully integrated and automated energy storage solutions, capitalising on the latest battery system technologies.

Construction: With an in-house team of skilled electricians and installers, Solar Bay’s clients can anticipate industry leading safety and construction standards with minimal disruptions to their operations.

Infrastructure: Clients will further benefit from a wide range of electrical infrastructure services including design and installation of new electrical boards, power factor correction units, cabling, protection systems, metering, and integration of separate energy systems including EV chargers.

Maintenance: Post-project relationships further ensures that clients receive ongoing support to maximise the value from their systems.

The acquisition of QuadSol provides Solar Bay with a more robust foundation to meet the surging demand for clean energy installations. By harnessing Quadsol’s expertise, Solar Bay is poised to make even greater strides in the renewable energy sector, setting new benchmarks.

The combined strengths of Solar Bay and QuadSol forecast a bright future for stakeholders, clients, and the communities they serve.

To explore Solar Bay’s enhanced solutions offering and to learn more about how we’re driving the future of solar installation projects, visit our solutions page below.