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Solar as a Service is when Solar Bay funds, installs, monitors and maintains a solar system on your property. We then sell you the electricity at a rate significantly lower than your current grid power. This provides a business with all the benefits of solar without the expense of owning the system themselves.

When you purchase a solar system, you need to be confident it is the best quality product and will remain operational for 25+ years. The systems we sell outright to our customers are identical to the ones we own via our Solar as a Service model, so you can be sure they are best in class. Additionally, we continue to monitor your system to ensure it's performing optimally, this allows us to calculate when batterie storage and other developing technologies might be incorporated into your system.

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With the cost of grid electricity increasing year on year and the cost of solar & battery technology reducing, the time has never been better to re-evaluate your electricity procurement. Solar Bay funds, installs & maintains an on-site energy solution tailored for your business, and provides you electricity up to 50% cheaper than your existing grid supplier.


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Businesses are perfect for solar

As most businesses are operational during daylight hours, they consume power when a commercial solar system is generating electricity. This provides most businesses with the ability to offset between 20-50% of their total electricity usage with low cost solar. Battery technology is improving rapidly and may be feasible for some businesses at current prices. However, if batteries are not feasible now our energy solutions are ready to install the technology when viable for all businesses.



National Electricity Market

The cost of purchasing electricity from the wholesale markets in Australia has increased substantially. The average cost between 2012 – 2016 was $46.19MWh. For the 2017 calendar year, that figure is $110.17, a 139% increase. That’s 4.62c to 11.02c per kWh in 5 years.


Solar Installation Costs

The cost of producing electricity from a solar system has reduced significantly. Over the same time period, the cost of a large scale solar installation has fallen from $1.50 per watt to $1.15 per watt, a 24% reduction.



How does Solar as a Service



Solar as

a service

Solar as a Service, aka a solar power purchase agreement, will typically provide electricity at a cost significantly lower than the grid.  This gives your business immediate savings and a long-term energy hedge as the cost of electricity is known for the next 10-25 years, rather than 1-3 forward from the grid.

The benefits of a solar power purchase agreement depend on a number of variables, with the biggest being the ownership structure of the property. Please choose one of the categories below to understand your benefits.

Benefits to an Owner-Operator

– Day one reduction in electricity costs
– Reduced input cost volatility with long-term fixed price energy contract
– Marketing benefits from a reduction in carbon emissions
– 24/7 remote monitoring with ongoing saving recommendations
– No solar maintenance costs
– Reduced reliance on the grid
– Potential increase in property value
– Potential improvement of NABERS rating

Benefits to Tenants

– Reduction in electricity expense from day one
– Long term energy contract, less volatility in operating-expense
– Marketing benefits from a reduction in carbon emissions
– 24/7 remote monitoring with ongoing saving recommendations
– No solar maintenance costs
– Reduced reliance on the grid

Benefits to Commercial Landlords

– New revenue source from the lease of roof
– Improving leasing ability by offering tenants low cost solar power
– Potential improvement of NABERS rating
– Potential to charge a higher lease
– Partial expense hedge if tenant is on a gross lease
– Potential increases access to capital due to improve energy rating of buildings


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Shopping Centres outsource their car-park management so they can focus on what they do best. Let us manage your solar system so you can focus on what you do best.


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